Grandstream Networks, Inc. has been connecting the world since 2002 with SIP Unified Communications solutions that allow businesses to be more productive than ever before. Our award-winning solutions serve the small and medium business and enterprises markets and have been recognized throughout the world for their quality, reliability and innovation. Grandstream solutions lower communication costs, increase security protection and enhance productivity. Our open standard SIP-based products offer broad interoperability throughout the industry, along with unrivaled features, flexibility and price competitiveness.


Grandstream has the ideal IP phone for every need, including basic, mid-range, high-end, cordless and video phones. Developing a powerful solution that is customized for every individual streamlines communication and workload efficiency. Grandstream makes state-of-the art telephony devices more accessible and easier to deploy than ever before.


Grandstream’s UCM series of IP PBXs offer an extensive set of unified communication features in easy-to-manage on premise IP PBXs with no licensing fee. A powerful yet easy to manage voice, video, data, and mobility communications platform has never been more achievable than when anchored with Grandstream’s series of UCM IP PBXs.


Grand stream ip pbx features

  • Call Recording/ Answering Machine facility of all extensions using Pen drive or Memory card.
  • Digital Voice Quality even on speaker phone
  • Door Unlock Facility for Access Control.
  • Audio and Video communication with Smart phone as an Extension.
  • Extension Number can also be given a name, so if some one is calling you can have name displayed on your phone.
  • Extension Number can be Shifted by just using the software, If some one is changing his or her seating location.
  • Call can come on Extension and smart phone at a time, this enables user roaming.
  • No more wiring hassle , Total IP Based Solution. Fibre Optic/ wi-fi can also be used for long distances to make wiring economical and maintenance free.
  • Android based Smart Landline Phones from alkatel, Cisco or any other Make will work.
  • Two way audio IP camera can also be used to get a feel of video conference.
  • Best for the places where GSM Network (Basement/ outskirt area) is an issue.
  • Land Line/ GSM SIM card can also be used to call on other network.
  • Whole system can also be connected with conference room equipments.
  • World class telephone instrument option available.